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Welcome to this wiki, Zeke! Here are some helpful links to get you started:

  • If you're new to editing wikis, the help namespace has a few useful pages. The MediaWiki help pages are another useful source, especially for wiki basics not covered on this wiki.
  • The Community portal has a collection of rules, many of them unique to this wiki. Rule G, Rule N, and Rule Z are three of the more important ones to keep in mind.
  • The announcements (usually) contain current, important information—be sure to check them periodically.
  • Special:RecentChanges shows all of the recent activity on the wiki. There isn't always a lot going on, but feel free to take a look and see what's happening around the wiki. (The "diff" link on the left shows what changed in an edit.)
  • See DF:Versions for an explanation of namespaces (e.g. "DF2014") and redirects on this wiki.
  • Help:Useful templates lists some commonly-used templates available on this wiki.
"You have been processed! Go forth, now, and edit!" --Savok

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